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52 Memory Pickup is a game about memory and life. It is meant to explore the way we experience life, and in our older age we tend to forget most moments in life while remembering vividly certain other moments, either positive or negative. One player will be playing the character as they are living their entire life. The second player will be playing the character at the very end of their life and only able to remember certain memories. It is a shared experience that reminds us that life is full of moments and some are easier to hold onto than others.

In 52 Memory Pickup, you will be building a house of cards and crafting memories for a character that you will be creating in a world of your choosing. Throughout the game, you will define memories from the perspective of this individual and learn more about their life and the world they live in.

The way this works is you will draw cards, match the themes of the cards to a table, and determine if the memory has a positive, negative or neutral tone to it, then you will craft that memory and record it. Once the memories are recorded, you'll add the cards to a house of cards until you're done with the deck or the house falls over.

If the house falls, any cards facing up will be memories that are kept and passed along to the second player after you are done defining all of the memories. Any cards facing down are memories lost.

Once all 52 cards are played, the second player gets access to all of the remaining memories and just experiences them. At the end of the experience, they will then draw their own cards and craft one final memory to be shared between the two players.

Materials Needed:

  • These rules and two players
  • A pack of 52 playing cards (Jokers are not used)
  • Something to record your story on. Either something to write with or an audio recorder.
  • A way to send the recorded memories to the other player


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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