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Tandem is a game about working together. You are two souls inhabiting the same body. One soul controls the character's actions. One soul controls the character's speech. The problem is, both souls cannot communicate to one another during each scene! Players will set goals for their parts in each scene and assign a specific die to the goal. When you work to achieve your goal, you will roll that corresponding die type along with your partner. Roll successes, and the dice can go to a success pool. Roll failures, and they can go to the failure pool. At the end of the game, your fate is determined by these two pools. Can you escape your prison within this person? Or are you doomed to be stuck there for the rest of their lives?

The tone of this game will be pretty zany. Something like Everyone is John or All Outta Bubblegum. Instead of working against each other, you'll be working together in order to escape.

This game is currently in development and will be released soon!

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